Who is Sakora Linn? Discover Our Story

About Us

This story is one based on family, love and a passion for our customers. 

Our Sakora Linn story began in 2002 with Laurin, a 20-something single mom, and her beautiful little one, Sakora.  Soon after Sakora was born Laurin was challenged, as many single moms are, to find a fulfilling career that also allowed her the quality time she believed was so important to devote to her tiny daughter. As a family we decided to open a small retail shop that would give Laurin that special time with Sakora and grant her all the flexibility she needed.

Even though our retail venture was going well, we dreamed of opening a fashion boutique. We traveled to various fashion trade events and had a fabulous time choosing apparel and accessories that we knew our shoppers would love.  In 2005 we opened our first boutique and were so excited to spend our days selling to our loyal customers. Our shop was wildly successful and we loved every minute of what we were doing.

Feisty little Sakora, at only four years old, began “selling” to our customer’s husbands, waiting not-so-patiently in the boutique chairs, while their wives shopped - she was the light of store and everyone adored her. Then at age seven, Sakora was already earning money by dusting, sweeping and cleaning our boutique's display cases, so she could buy her own products to sell.

Feeling proud, Sakora made sure the first products she showed to our customers were her own! This youthful zest for being a part of what her mommy was doing, and her Nana (that's me), was such a delight to watch. We'll always treasure those moments as a family.

Things happen and the world changes and our first shop closed but we never lost our passion for helping women to find that perfect item for her special event or as a gift to herself or someone she loved. Most days the boutique was filled with women who interacted with each other and new friendships were made. Our store was even voted one of the “Top Ten Places for Female Bonding” in our local area! Everyone loved seeing Sakora at work with her mommy and again, these moments are so precious to all of us. We treated our employees with dignity and respect and, of course, we supported their roles as mothers - we weren't just selling fashion, we believe we were empowering our female community too.

Our story began because of our love for Sakora. We are so thrilled to be returning to the fashion boutique side of the business and now our story continues with Sakora as our partner.  The Sakora Linn online shop will be filled with all the fashions we know our customers have come to love and we'll offer the very best in comfortable styles at a price you can get excited about. We hope you’ll join us on our journey with Sakora, her mom Laurin and me.

We're Sakora Linn Boutique and we are so excited to have you a part of our community of women who are both empowered by one another but also fiercely independent and smart - we know quality and style and we know we can enjoy both at an affordable price.

Get excited and start shopping!